We are honored to be one of the 5 dispensaries in the state that is proudly partnered with the amazing grower behind FireMeds! These are our Top Shelf products! Grown carefully, and cured to perfection. Usually these flowers fly off the shelf within the first 3 days of arrival! These buds are the beauty behind our product shots and quality bud photos. If you haven't had the chance to follow us on either Facebook or Instagam, that's a good way to keep up with new batch arrivals. We also carry just the kief from his plants. If you aren't familiar with the term kief don't worry! Kief is the part of the cannabis plant that causes the physical and cerebral effects. It's that sticky sparkly stuff that's wrapped around the nugs. Containing the trichomes and terpenes of the Cannabis flower, kief is the strongest part of the plant in dry form. Recommended for sprinkling on top of your flower, or rolling it with your joint! FireMeds Kief is available for a limited time currently. However we are getting new products daily!


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